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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Baking, pastries, cookies, etc.

Geneabloggers are doing Christmas Advent Postings, I am joining in for a few days of events that I can find the time to do. Christmas Cookies

A Christmas cookie was necessary you know, because we fed our children into the idea of Santa coming and in the evening the children knew that you left a cookie or two for Santa. Heaven forbid, if that was missing. Poor Santa having to sample all those cookies. He must have been an expert on the kind of cookies there are out there. To Refuse to eat a cookie left for you would be ungracious for sure. I wonder in this day and age and heaven forbid how many young mothers have their child leave low fat, low calorie cookies. Ohh my gosh. It shows you care, but would it say your insinuating Santa is fat...........

Others might have left an apple or carrot for a Reindeer.

I know I have my favorites how about you? I usually just have to taste three or four definite ones. It may be different for my children. I guess we sample at the relatives home, who do have a collection every year. [Home baked or added to those from the church sales] One of the local churches have had an annual cookie walk each year. I am going to do that one of these years. One of the best ways to see what's current in cookies is the charity bake sales or community, school, or church socials.
It is fun to sample something new.

We didn't attend all that many functions. So our samplings were limited to what we discovered at relatives homes and of course what I or mother were to make. Those relatives were pretty much current with what was going on. The husband still has his relatives[ parents],. And still samples at the events, what ever he feels he will miss, I can do.

His father must have always had angel [food]candy. Because he always gets an enormous amount. and when he does things like that, he gives his sons families a huge amount.I'm not that fond of it, but if that is all there is, I can not resist a munch on chocolate.

What is it with men with the peanuts, nuts in everything? He never turns down almond bar full of almonds. Now I would rather eat it with out the nuts, so I often peanut butter ritz crackers dipped in almond bark.

However, I work in a kitchen and I can see what is sent to the retired folks upstairs in the Dining area; Chamber meetings, Wing parties.They vary and some are quite different from my list. Adapted to residents needs of course.

Cookie List
I think many young mothers or those who have been married for a little while, start out big with lots of varieties of cookies, especially those that involve lots of time and steps. Like Sugar cookies, all kinds of cookies. Maybe it's that we want to see if we can manage. Make, Bake and freeze until you have a good assortment to pass around Christmas day.

This is my cookie list I tried and think of as traditional for an average Christmas in the midwest.
In addition, I always had mothers sugar cookies in the ice cream pail. She always was so generous with them.

The first was probably Fudge..... the marshmallow cream variety or the other with powdered cocoa.
The second was spritz cookies with various shapes and toppings.
The frosted cutout cookie, thin as you can get or were yours fat?
The gingerbread cutout cookie. [Ginger snap or molasses]
The Russian tea cake.
The almond bark Pretzels.

Then I branched to the
Date drop cookie that Amanda Meyer used to make.

A rolled dough Vanilla cream cheese flavored cookie.
Almond Bark Pretzels
Cookies with a kiss or a star in the center.
Chocolate dipped pretzel
Peanut butter Ritz dipped in almond bark or in chocolate.
Cookies with a kiss or a star in the center.
A Secret cookie for 2010.
Jello jigglers.

I have purchased the norwegian crisp Rosettes, but the kids never touched them. I guess to heck with heritage.The family may have some of the treats, but never heard them having had a meal of lefsa.

What they always had at some time or other before Christmas at the Meyers house was peanut
brittle, divinity, Sylvies cookies. In her younger years, she would do cut outs and Spritz cookies. People would give it as gifts, so she often had fudge. Some of her friends who were working mothers did cookie exchanges.

I am sure I have forgotten some. But the world of christmas cookies is an adventure.

One particular treat gift given that Sissy loved were the chocolate covered Marshmallow treat. It was homemade, but she never had them again, nor did she see the recipe. And that cookie treat became a lasting memory. [ For more on Christmas Advent with Genea bloggers Christmas Advent Posting ]

All you need is a few cookies to leave for Santa, the kids are going to want to have some too,

Sometimes all they want is the familiar cookie they are used to having. I also mean they will think Santa will want what the one they love. Whether it's a chocolate chip, peanut butter, rice krispie bar, whatever. you can fancy them up easily enough, if you feel the need for it.

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  1. Wow. Your lists of cookies are making me drool! Your blog is very pretty. I'm glad I stopped by.