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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Happenings - Grandma Peters put in a Visit at Christmas time.

Grandma Peters introduced the family to YAHTZE.
Sissy rarely saw her Grandmother Josie Peters, because she lived in Los Angelos, California during Sissy's childhood.
Grandma Peters came for a visit from California about the time of Sissy's confirmation year - eighth grade, and she visited around, but came by again for Christmas. Most of the times she spent a large portion of her time with Sylvia's Brother Ray in the Twin Cities. When she came to visit she talked about them and the other cousins all the time, " She did this for Ray or Martha, the children did this and they didn't do that".

Grandma had praised the other families so much Sissy felt resentment growing towards them. Later she wondered if Grandma Peters would find anything to praise about her stay with them, that she would talk about when she visited the other families?? Sissy also picked up on her mothers hurt feelings as children do. She had loyalty for her mother. [ It was about this time that Lyle and Amanda agreed to visit Grandma Peters, when she would be back in California. ] This visit at Lyle's house had happened before Lyle's family left for the Rose bowl game and parade. And it was a very memorable event in Sissy's life.

Sissy felt at times the same way her mother obviously did, that she could get by with more without grandmothers interfering. Things like about having neat underwear drawers and a clean room and reading a forbidden magazine that her grandmother would find in her hiding spot and tell her mother.

There was also the good with the bad.
While she stayed she did a lot of sewing,
The visit must have been when Sissy was thirteen or fourteen. And she noticed that Sissy could use some new clothes. So she sewed up a corduroy pleated skirt and a unique blouse that sissy thought made her skin look good. Then her grandmother gave her a huge chain necklace to wear with it. Which sissy did, proudly, even though at school it's effect was not exactly what she had hoped it would be. Neither were some of the clothes she herself was to make later. Her Grandma did kind of Jump start Sissy's sewing.

It was about that time or before Grandmother came that Sylvia had taught Sissy how to run the wringer washer, with the sudser and she had shown her how to Iron. sissy remembers that the sudser was not that great when one has a dark corduroy skirt, because it made so much lint. She complained so much, her mom had made her wash her own clothes. Which Sissy did and only had herself to blame for clothes problems.

Grandma Peters was the only Grandmother Sissy knew.

One thing that grandma Peters kept talking about was the family activities that others in her family played with her. The result was two games produced as gifts for the Meyer children. Ones they did gratefully enjoy for many years to come.

- Yahtzee. It was a gift from her or at least it was her idea, and they did play it with their grandmother as well as with each other for many years.

- A board game of Chinese checkers. And checkers It was a game Steve loved and played with Sissy. I think Steve taught Grandpa Herman to play one of these and did that for a time.

The children actually had board games before that and did get them as Christmas gifts, Life, Monopoly, Checkers, Candy Land and several others.

Candyland and Monopoly was favorites to be played with Mary Linda.
Life and monopoly was played by the boys especially with Bill Peters boys.

Her grandmother gave her a special gift that year. It was her first pearl necklace she had ever been given and maybe her only gift of a pearl necklace.

One of the Pearl necklaces on the left.

I hope you all have a very nice Christmas. I hope your able to find something special in being together with those around you.

Note: Sissy said to give her Grandmother credit with getting her bible family tree filled out due to her grandmother's presence and the clue that her great grandfathers [Annies father] name was unknown. It influenced her that day to think about family trees and ancestry. It was something she thinks her grandmother tried to find out with a visit with Amanda Meyer at that visit before Christmas time. Because Amanda had worked with August and Herman in the Meyer House as cook and housekeeper. She might have over heard something.

Note: Sissy did kind of wonder if it was Grandma Josies influence that brought about the wood shop and all the crafting. She says her mothers sister had turned to wood turning as pastime for them during retirement which she was able to view in 1980.

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