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Friday, December 10, 2010

~~ Christmas Scenes of Meyer Christmas Treats ~~

Genea Bloggers Christmas Advent series 2010. Read more about it here.

I am posting a few little Meyer stories about Christmas that I can find time to do.

On the Left; the Meyer Candy dish - Depression Glass
Dish on the right above is mine not the original. Neither is the candy.

If you just think to yourself of a scene related to a Christmas scene at the Meyer house, you'd probably recall a scene of after christmas day. There was the dining room table and maybe an addition of a large folding table with quilting projects going on and that candy dish that held their Christmas candy. I realize Sylvia probably waited until after Christmas before she started bringing back the quilting projects that she had tucked away for a few days.

It was in the years that the children were married and gone, when it was the treat for the grandparents for the Grandchildren came for a short visit. The the candy dish stayed where it was on the table or in the corner cupboard display. If you dropped by in the winter around Christmas time, I am sure it was out on the table next to the quilt blocks lying in piles. [Dewy helped her with the cutting of the blocks. Back in those day, you cut the squares one by one.] [Sylvia donated quilts in later years with huge squares as blocks. That means less to cut out. Grin.] You would see Christmas candy in there, maybe a secret stash of peanut brittle or something Dewey liked. He often had his mints out, which he believed helped his stomach problems.

Never to fail was the big helping of Christmas Nuts and Peanuts in the shell. Sometimes these ended up in the Candy Dish on Christmas Day. Some nut crackers, etc. Dewy would be listening or watching some game on Christmas day, reading the paper and cracking the peanut husks / shells.

These were all memories tied into the Christmas Treats in someway.

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