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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Genea Bloggers Christmas Advent Postings - Traditions

Traditions of those of the German Heritage in the Meyer House
I don't know about you, but I am hearing the song 'Traditions 'from Fiddler on the Roof musical which has been one of my very favorite musicals. We all have done them whether we realize we have them or not. Herman came with his family when he was three, so they would keep his going for him since they lived with him in the house.
I suppose you could say the Meyer household had the traditions that others with German heritage had. Green trees, gifts and the importance of Christmas eve., the red Christmas boot of ceramics or plastic with candy was often received. [ Perhaps steming to the german custom of children leaving the boot in the window or outside the door. ]

Sometimes these Christmas gifts and tasks make sense once you know the origination's of the most common part of Christmas that you just take for granted.

Similarity and likeness exists, but there is always the differentness that arises. So it was in the
Meyer house.
The most memorable and unique traditional gift of all is the one I want to tell you about has nothing to do with a German Heritage. It was kind of a family joke as well as a traditional gift. Mother Sylvia always said she wanted Four roses and Dewey always tried to give it to her. And they were red to be sure.

I haven't heard the origination story of why the Four Roses was adopted; only that there was a remark or two about how it helped Sylvia sleep or dull the pain at times.

Sissy thought there had been some in a beautiful Decanter, unless substitutions had been made. She also said sometimes there was the long box with pictures of Roses on it.

My son says bourbon is distilled Wine and Whiskey is different. So I suppose it is a special blend then if it's a combination. Dewey would make his annual trip to the liquor stop before Christmas. Sorry, I know so little about drinks, but this link might help.

There was much laughter when she received her gift all around. Sometimes even the neighbors, the Johnson's [of German descent] Santa gave her the same gift when they attended their parties. Sylvie was pretty happy with all the merriment.

It wasn't noticed when it stopped or if it ever did when Dewy was still himself. Sissy herself did not spend Christmas with them for a good number of years after she moved away.

I am not sure if I have the right one by that label or title.But this is an interesting tidbit about the whiskey...
Four Roses as a bourbon and blended whiskey entity has had an erratic lifespan. Formerly the nation's top-selling bourbon in the 1930s, '40s and '50s, the brand virtually disappeared in the '60s when then-owner Seagram began selling the bourbon exclusively overseas. Then, under new owner Kirin, the Japanese brewer, Four Roses Bourbon was returned to the U.S. in 2002 with distribution limited to Kentucky, and at the same time, the blended whiskey was discontinued to focus solely on bourbon. Then, in 2007, the brand expanded bourbon distribution to New York, New Jersey, Tennessee and Illinois with further expansion planned.

So that's the one happy little personal tradition that I can tell you about.
How was the traditions in your families Christmas?



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  1. Good post. I just wrote a similar post about my experiences with German American christmas - German American Christmas Traditions

    i loved St. Nikolaus and seeing the tree for the first time on Christmas Eve. Very magical time!