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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Genea Bloggers Christmas Advent - Grab bag - Decorations and Crafts

Christmas in the year of the play area at the wood working shop.

It was before the Christmas after the summer that Sylvia and the children cleaned up a room in a building on the farm. Sylvia found a pine cone tree idea in a Farmer magazine. It was a pine cone tree made from a shaped to tree shape small holed chicken wire which was anchored onto a sturdy base of wood and perhaps had a support pole running through. One simply inserted cones into the wire.

It was team work with enthusiasm. Okay, maybe Sissy dragged a little, but she and Steve picked up their share of pine cones around the Sunnyslope farm. Sylvia and Sonny or Dewey went to their old Cemetery by St James and found some large cones for the bases. In fact there were enough cones to make a better second tree, which was given to someone. [ unknown recipient]

The proud owner is Sissy of the one tree which carried a lot of mistakes. Imagine how old the tree is? She says it shatters some, but she could interchange pine cones for the damaged ones, if she wanted to. She says she enjoys adding dried flowers into the edges of the pine cones. it does cover some flaws

She says the small dried sedum gathered in the fall and sprayed after they dry make the perfect tiny flowers to insert between the cones, because they are this dark red color naturally. She could do more, but hasn't. She would welcome any suggestions for flowers and uses. She love snowflakes and so has a few by the tree too.

At various times the family had battery powered lights, and blinking lights on it. Sissy thinks large candles flickering safely away is kind of nice when she has it displayed on a wider surface. She picked up some pine cones last fall and keeps them in a jar near it.
she hides some pine air fresheners in the jars with the cones.

One thing the family did forget to do was to heat the cones to treat them and to make sure there were no hiding insects inside the cones.

The whole crafting experience details was not entirely remembered, but the family involvement memory is still there. And it was nice. Sometimes Sissy wonders if it was for that reason, or Sylvia simply wanted the crafts that resulted. She thinks, Grandma Josie would be proud.

She says she maybe she could ask Sonny, if you want to know more about the details of the crafting of the tree..

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