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Saturday, December 18, 2010

A play area, Crafting, and a wood working area.

Genea Bloggers Christmas Advent Series -  [ No specific Day ]
Sylvia and the children cleaned up a room in a building on the farm and made it a wood working craft shop.   I can't claim it was a sterile environment, but then is it ever on a farm.  You just learn to wash and wash and wash.  You know how it is sometimes when you go to someones farmhouse and you smell it as soon as you walk in the door. People just get used to it, so they  don't notice. Perhaps the Meyer house did too, but the children never noticed it.  [ I could be a commercial inserted here, suffice to say Sylvia had her methods.]

When ever there had been trips to and from Fairmont along highway fifteen the trip back would involve a glance  near Truman at a home on the side that  contained lawn ornaments on a huge flat front lawn.  One day I think she convinced Dewey to stop there so she could talk to the owners. She was quite excited  about the project, when they got home.

Next thing you know  either the family or Sonny had a new  electric jig saw.   I suppose it was his christmas gift or a family gift, [That is how it went].  In other words,  it was very nice, not just a hand held jig saw that I have, but a table jig saw.  The wood layed flat on a platform and you guided it to the blade.  You did not have to hold a single saw like a regular wood saw.  Sonny was going to be making Sylvia some lawn ornaments.  They sent away for some patterns from books. Perhaps a local merchant ordered a few as well. Somewhere they saw a huge Santa cut out and painted.  The family or Sonny did that.  They mounted it on the front porch area.  The space was small, but he stood there anyway amidst Christmas strings of lights.

They made many wood cutouts in that little shop.  Sissy liked the  big patterns.  I think you can still find ads in the commercial sections of some magazines offering these patterns.  Sometimes the coloring books had some simple patterns.  Some unsuspecting child who received a color book at this time of their life probably had a baby chick or rabbit traced before he received his gift.  Sissy herself was motivated to paint elaborate birds, she herself asked for and received  a special paint by number of accurate bird coloring.  She still has it and never finished all the birds.  She wanted and received a huge paint box which was her pride and joy for many years.  I must say these experiences in the wood shop shaped Sissy into Art and Crafting hobbies.

This was about the time that many people had some animal cutouts and the pattern of the chicken was filled in with beans or seeds.  Those craft wall pictures were tried.They had seen many a pretty one, but Sissy thought their attempts were lame. She saw many things of the country fad in the eighties  and nineties that reminded her of their endeavors in her childhood.

Dewey warned them off from certain dangerous areas. Some of them were scary,  if you hated heights. sometimes the children took chances.  Sometimes wood  had hidden nail that would come out from nowhere and allow itself into your foot.  Sometimes other things than the shop called to the children to explore or investigate. Just as the box the  gift comes it holds intrigue sometimes more than the gift to the very young.
A bit off from the shop wood  craft area, there was a small area that Sissy  claimed as her own where she and a friend or neighbor kid played.

Many years later, Dewey claimed the room back for  the farm.

The wood cutting Experiences panned out well.
If memories  are clear, it's thought that in Steve's early marriage stage when he had young kids around, he also had one of those wood cutouts in his front entrance area. I'll find out soon enough.
[Grin]  It's not an old idea, I still see variations of the wood cut outs displayed in yards and ornately painted on trees.

Today I have seen on very thin wood letter cutouts with glass glitter, that makes me long for that jig saw  the Meyer  children had in their shop. I have received bird cut outs mounted on stakes for  the garden. You name it, it would have it's uses.

I hope you enjoyed a small segment of Sylvia Crafting Segments.  Not one finger was lost by the Meyer family.  Take care.

Ppsst,  If I find a free picture of the pattern or cutouts, I will come back and edit it in, okay? 

Sources: Mary Dailey and Blogs offering free images. [Just ask me ].


  1. And no one lost a finger.. that, in itself, is a miracle! Thanks for a great story.

  2. Your very welcome Karen. Thanks for dropping in.