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Monday, December 6, 2010

The run down of Christmas spent with the Meyers

I have that so many genea bloggers are writing about Christmas. Some of them are doing every day of December. I am not sure I can come up with that many stories. But I have a few to try out on you here.
This blog is named after the little town Lewisville about three or four miles down the road south from Sunny Slope Farm.

The whole farm was really on a hill except for some of the front yards where the house was situated and the woods. of deciduous trees. In that little cape cod house lived Herman and his son Dwight along with Sylvia. Dwight was called Dewey by most people. He and Sylvie had two boys and one girl in the middle.

There was a separate time spent with Silvies family and time spent with Deweys family.
Dewies family mostly consisted of his brother Lye, Amanda his wife and their girl Mary Linda.
So many of the other relatives were in Iowa or had their own family they spent the time with. Lyle and his family like to travel and spend holidays with others. But Christmas vacation time was reserved for a trip to California so they could attend the Rose Bowl game and Parade. So because of that Christmas was usually celebrated early in their home.
their would be an evening meal followed by opening of the gifts.

Prior to eating the children were to occupy themselves together, with chatter, maybe the Sunset magazines or some other children's magazines that highlighted the sentiment of Christmas. Since Mary had taken piano lessons she played a few songs.
There would be homemade cookies, the date cookie, fudge, and Divinity.
Amanda had Norwegian blood, but I don't remember if she had traditional Tidbits included

Amanda would set a nice table with centerpieces different every year and the nut cups. Always were those pretty little nut cups by each plate. It was often nuts with Mints. Maybe a sweet piece like Christmas candy. I have wondered over the years where that tradition started.

There were a few years when Grandma Walker was included to some get togethers.

Later, if time progressed pretty well not to get in conflict with bed time their might be a little time to view a television show Ed Sullivan or the kids went to play games or just talk. Sonny was sure to get a box of assorted candy bars. Sometimes Steve did too. Often these would be accompanied by a board game or something else. One gift to be counted on by the younger two was a book of life savers. It usually came every year. I am afraid I don't remember w hat they gave Mary and her parents. Herman usually went home with a flannel shirt and clothes. Lots of times Sylvia was to receive something that Lyle and Amanda had picked up for them on their travels. One particular time it was this huge pitcher with gigantic rooster and a matching platter from their trip to Mexico.

Later on while Lyle and his family were in California, there would arrive to Dewies house a post card from Mary Linda. Steve had a birthday the first week in January, sometimes he received his gift at Christmas time, sometimes it came late after they arrived back from their trip. Often times while they were still away, he would get his birthday card in the mail.

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