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Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Secret thought About Christmas

Genea Bloggers Christmas Advent

Now, I am going to share a secret about Christmas
I have watched a ton of Hallmark Christmas specials, so I am getting to be an expert on Love and family during the Holiday season.

It seems perfectly clear to me that Forgiveness and Love go Hand in Hand along with the Christmas spirit so much more than we normally think about Christmas.
There is all that hype about Love, but I think your feelings of Forgiveness that make the Christmas spirit work is more ignored. But then it is included in the word Love. Love is patient, kind, Love endures. It's implied, but is the forerunner to the love in the Christmas spirit. To make Christmas Merry it is indeed essential. If there was a bucket of qualities included in Love and Christmas; forgiveness would be up there like cream in milk at the rim.

- If your mother in law gives you a Hideous sweater, you mentally forgive her and smile and thank her. Your already secretly planning to exchange it or stuff it away in the closet and she'll never know you don't like it. It's your forgiveness spirit which allow yourself to sport last years sweater, when you could care less to wear it ever again. and you can get rid ot it because,now you probably have a new one to take it's place
-Sissy forgot to make Christmas dinner, You love her, you forgive her, and you continue on in showing your love for her sake and t he Christmas spirit; even though your hungry as heck.

- Or maybe Raechel brought the dang awful dessert again this year with coconut in it, you forgive her for her taste, you smile, you love her, and you take a small helping.

- Aunt Jo has make a new family heritage find and wants to share some of it's detail. You mentally forgive her boring details, as you turn off your hearing aide, smile and tell her how good she is.Then Tell her you'll read her blog more.

- Little Jenny won't smile and barely talks, cause she lost her front tooth and keeps spitting on you as she talks. Yes you forgive again after a bad thought or two, and allow it. Gosh your good.

-We have to sing our Christmas prayer before the meal, which I hate doing, but isn't that just grand of her to want to share that part of her with us.

- My sister in law can do no wrong and is so perfect, I smile and tell her how wonderful it is, chocking down my jealousy. ahhhh what was I saying, oh Christmas spirit, yes now I remember.

- You have Christmas Cards to send, goodies to make, take, dinners to make, house to clean, you forgive whom ever for the reason and you do what you can to make it all merry.

- My son forgives me every time I say Happy Holidays, instead of Merry Christmas. He wants to keep the Christ in Christmas. Instantly I love him for that.

-My daughter forgives me for what ever I have done. I forgive myself first, then, forgive her for that. since it is all daily Love and more than just Christmas spirit.

-Peg for her reasons has the dinner, hard work though it is, she forgives you and lets you forgive her and God for all the right reasons. Your you and you forgive yourself for allowing yourself to be yourself as you are. Thus more love springs forth to others.

All in the name of Forgiveness in the same hand as love bringing forth good Christmas Spirit.
Christmas is merely a annual practice of the qualities of Love in all sense of its meaning.

Easter is in my mind the opposite of Christmas. You know death opposite Birth. Though Easter is also like Spring a Rebirth of life just like Christmas when it is told that Jesus was born to complete the forgiveness cycle. Easter is all about Gods forgiveness and it is my mind stressed so much more at Easter. Then again whenyou see a christmas star when one celebratesyour reminded that God forgave us and he gave us Jesus birth at Christmas to eventually die for our Sins.
So Christmas is still about Forgiveness and birth.

This is not really all that new or unique ideas. It just about forgiveness that endures under another name and meaning the same the whole time.
So that's my little secret thought about Christmas.

Now will you forgive me for being so personal and scattered, and tell me something?

What do you do, all in the Christmas spirit?

Should I ask who do you forgive and for what, all for the sake of love for the sake of the Christmas spirit.

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