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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sissy forgot to make Christmas Dinner

Genea Bloggers Christmas Advent - Christmas Memories
Day # 17

Sissy held for her first time the Meyer Christmas Celebration in her home, but forgot to make Dinner. Oh how mortifying, embarrassing, absent minded thing it must have been for a newly wed. What was she thinking? Poor Sissy.

Okay, Okay, the celebration was not in Lewisville, but about twenty or thirty miles south of Lewisville. It did include Sonny, Steve, Sylvia, and Dewey plus the extended family members.

Sissy told me to emphasize how important it is to clarify what, how, when, where your Holiday parties are to be celebrated. She says you must state or ask specifically what each other expects of that day and their attendance.

When you say come to my house for Christmas. You must say it's not a traditional supper dinner meal, or you must say it is. Is it just for appetizers, crackers cheese, wine, candies cookies. Or that followed by dinner - supper. and then dessert.

If you say, don't eat too much cause I have a lot of food. specify what that means.
If it is meal time, it should be a meal, if it is treats and such, make it earlier or later!.

However, if you invite them for a meal, don't concentrate on cookies and desserts and forget to make the meal.

Sissy always was absent minded. Had her head in the clouds. Concentrated too much on trivial detail. Like Cookies and candies. Was that it? What was she thinking. I don't really know, she never told me. But she did forget to make Dinner and her Guests arrived Hungry!

Luckily for her, her family knew her well, and were forgiving. Maybe it's not forgotten, but certainly forgiven. Well I hope she forgave herself. And I suppose I should let it be forgotten.

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