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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sylvia was Sharing the families Christmas spirit

Sissy told me more about one of her mother Sylvia's bright ideas before Christmas.
They never knew where, when, why Sylvia got those Christmas project Ideas or any project ideas, but she did and she always involved her children in doing them at the times when Sissy was eight, nine or ten, eleven she came up with some.

[The family still did not have a television, so time was spent in the living room talking when they weren't working ] One year sitting around the living room talking to the family, Sylvia said she thought they should string something for the tree. She had a way of stirring enthusiasm or saying the right thing to get you there one way or another. She thought Popcorn or the Indian corn and regular corn could be strung. The corn had hardened, too bad they had not thought of it when it was soft earlier that fall. Dewey and Sonny got out the drill and a tiny little bit, they did that for awhile and not too successful for the corn often shattered and it was so small to hold while drilling, Maybe that's when they started on the popcorn. They tried some Candy. Steve did something he thought of too.

Sissy says she must have got busy with her spool knitting, each of the kids and her cousins had a spool of various sizes [nice ones received as a christmas gift one year ] that had five or eight nails at the top and a crotchet hook, it makes a circular hollow cord. She thought maybe she could make a garland that way. while they working on these ideas of things for the tree, in walked Mary Linda. She joined right in on making garlands.

Some one did a cut out string of paper children holding hands which was as long as the newspaper page. Ideas were there, supplies were not.

Sylvia must have known Mary was coming. I am not sure if it was that far away from Christmas or was it one year that Mary' family did not go to California. She thinks that the tree was already up. so it must have been close to Christmas, because she usually tried to keep a tree green and up yet for Steve's birthday and that meant waiting to put a tree in the house as close to christmas time as possible.
Sissy was just a kid and she not sure what was taking place with their family. When Sissy gets a one track idea, she kind of loses track of other things going on around her.

I think Sylvia said something to Sissy aside about it. Sissy thought it was something about Mary not getting to have Christmas at home, because they were always traveling and maybe this was Sylvia's way for them to share their experience of a cousins home life. Sissy laughs, and jokes that it was not all that usual though.

Her mom had said that Mary Linda had expressed that she liked doing that kind of different stuff there with them and that was why she thought it would be nice to do. it. Sissy though it was okay. Better than having to clean the hen house, which was one of Sylvia's most dreadful ideas that she usually came up with as a family project.

She thought she made it sound like poor Mary, kind of thing,that she had no brothers and sisters, or was she trying to give a sense of Christmas family at a home. Or was she just wishing to make it all a good time for them all together. A happy memory of all of them together. Sissy wasn't sure about that. From that moment on it was new thought for her, a new concept. She had always envied Mary Linda's life. She thought Mary was very lucky to have the life of the city mouse. She and Mary had called each other the city mouse and the country mouse after some story they read in school. [They attended different school districts] Or was she just wishing to make it all a good time for all of us. A happy memory of all of them together.

Maybe they made Ice cream too that day. She wasn't sure. At the end of her day at the farm Mary took something home.

Note: Sissy was not sure if Grandpa Herman was there.
Note: Too bad the family had not know of this idea procured from spool Knitting. The cord is called I -Cord. Unique twist to a spool here. I also have seen beads on the threads and worked into the cord.More unique ideas..

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