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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tales of Sylvia's Christmas Ideas

According to the Geneabloggers Advent Calender topic for today is a Grab Bag.

So I'll seize the opportunity to tell of one the Lewisville Christmas tales or one of Sylvia's Bright Christmas Ideas. Sissy says sometimes you had to wonder how she came up with some of her ideas. Or why. But in this case Sissy knew how this idea happened to spring forth into Sylvia's head.
When ever there was something going on in the village of Lewisville, Dwight or Dewey was right there to attend. Whether it was Dairy Days, Feather days, Free Pancakes, Easter Egg hunt, or Friday night grocery Prize Give Away, or seeing Santa at the town Hall.

Except for Friday Night Weekly drawings at the Grocery store, those events usually did not include Sylvia.

Sissy says she doesn't remember going to see Santa all that much at that town Hall. But there were a few times, when she was forced to go along with her two brothers. She suspects it was because her mother had things to do privately at home for Christmas.

She doesn't even remember what they did there in great detail.
She thinks it was a couple of films, cartoons and maybe a short movie sitting on a folding chair. Afterwards, she waited in line with her family until she reached Santa and then told him what she wanted. The thing she remembers most is telling him she wanted roller skates with a key, which she received.

After she told Santa her hearts wish, she was handed a brown lunch bag, which was folded very prettily. It might have had a ribbon, she is not sure. I think it was because she was anxious to see what was in it. It was a very large popcorn ball wrapped in a red see through foil, an apple and and some sweets.

She remembers showing her mom what was in the bag and then heard her mom say [ maybe cause no one gave her a bite] that they should try and make some at home. Sissy and her mom had seen a glamorized version of the popcorn balls for Christmas in the christmas Issue of the sunset magazine at Amanda's. So Sylvie simply began it one day. No, well I guess not so simply, but it was done. And thus it began that little tradition that Sylvia started for her family. Nearly every year while she had children at home, she made popcorn balls at Christmas time. She made the plain kind, she jazzed them up with food coloring of green or red, and she made the molasses kind, which I gather Sissy liked the best.

They were all very good and since they were rarely made at any other time, it was a special treat. At the time, someone had to participate in the making of them. At the time Sissy would grumble or groan about it because it called her away from her story book, but looking back, Sissy says she appreciates those bright ideas at Christmas time, Those pre - Christmas memories that her mother had produced for them. She said I should ask Steve about it, since he was drawn into it, since he was the last one still at home.

Sissy says she made them once or twice herself, at Christmas time, but abandoned it for some other ideas.

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Mary Daily

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