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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cars Week three of Genea Bloggers Personal Stories

Genea blogger came up with a Personal way to blog about your Thoughts, Ideas, feelings towards various topics . [ --Week 3- Cars - I found it at Amy Coffin of the We Tree blog ( from 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History - Cars- Thomas MacEntee.
I thought it would be nice to follow the personal topic of 52 Weeks Personal Genealogy and History

Week #3 – Cars

Cars at lewisville with the help of Sissy.

Cars, oh yes, Tears are already forming and dropping as I immediately think of the association of Cars and a personal story today. Tears falling could be because it involves my dear passed mother or Irma a dear personal relative. There are quite a few events that deal with the icon of car in my past, but I think I want to share the memories of the Meyer family at Sunnyslope Farm and Irma Martin Olson. Already Thinking about accumulation of events, content with Irma in our life brings the warm fuzzies. It may seem like it's all about her, but the association of car and Irma, mother, unites.

"Now then"
About the age of twelve I started noticing Irma Martin Olson coming to our home with her fully loaded station wagon of boxes and small pieces of furniture. She would be hauling her things to the house that once belonged to her mother. It was a big old home in Madelia, which was on the corner of Abbot and 1st St. S.E. I think mom got reacquainted with her because moms friend Janet Becker, who lived west across the street had been doing odd jobs painting in the old house as preparation for Irma's plan to rent out the lower section of the house. She kept the upper area for herself. She may at one time have rented that out too with her belongings in the attics. Then she decided to keep that portion for herself and use it for storage.

When she finished for the day or just when she felt she had time to catch up with the family; she would make a journey out to the Meyer home. She often brought something like ship images, or Heather. Something that showed she had Grandpa's old country German interests in mind. She would sit and talk about the family with Grandpa, who knew a lot about her Martin and Stolley family. He had so few visitors that it was a treat for him and I think it was for her too.

If I had only known more about her knowledge then, I could have asked her more about my Grandmother and other things. She had fond memories of Herman and Annie, although she may have been gone more from the home in Madelia through out her younger years, than I was thinking she was.

They moved here after 1920 from Iowa, and she married in 1930, made a home in Hazel Run at Yellow Medicine county, Minnesota. I think he died in the military and Irma never remarried. She was a large woman who had a scary heart attack once, but she carried on with a full life and had many dreams. She also did Genealogy, though I never saw the results of her work. She eventually lived in a trailer home as she taught special Education at Rosemount, in Northern Minnesota. She still kept her cottage in Hazel Run, and rented out the lower half of her mothers house in Madelia and made frequent trips with her station wagon full of boxes and or small furniture to her house in Madelia.

I think it often meant a chance for Dad to help her and do a little reminiscing with her as he would help her with her boxes.

It meant a change with some excitement for mom and I. We would get to see something pretty because Irma was an antique hound. It was one of her dreams [which didn't happen] to be an antique dealer some day in a little cottage by water. Which explains the so many transports of the boxes, in which she had items purchased for that some day in the future. Sometimes it was from Madelia to Hazel Run or vica versa [ I wished I had seen them all ]. After she died, her sister Letha had a sale of her things, and I'll share some with you, when I get around to it.

When I was going to school, there were occasions that I had to take boxes back and forth, which never went unnoticed. Even then Mom would recall Irma. But never being so vocal about it as she did when I had my own Blue Dodge car.
My car was just a plain old blue Dodge, which I barely remember it looks. It was my first car I ever drove after I got my license, which did not happen until I was age twenty five or so. At the time it was very important to me. Like for others it was a Passage to growing up, you might say.
As I drove from Fairmont to on my home on week end visits, I usually had laundry, garbage, and a few items in boxes or cases. Or I would be taking back some extra boxes from the house.
Mom would softly say " you put me in the mind of Irma". It was her way of an affectionate recalling of our Irma to my attenton, then giving me a soft little pinch at the same time.

Now and then when I see lots of boxes in my car I think of mom calling out "Here comes Irma" or "There goes Irma" and how for a moment or two we would both think of Irma.

Now then.
That should do it for today about cars.-

Oh my gosh Sissy, I need a kleenix. "Now then" is what Irma used to say when it was time for her to move on to something else after having been lost in thought. I can't wait for more stories about your association with Irma. So thats the Genea Bloggers personal story today about Cars affect on our life.

Week #3 – Cars

Week 3: Cars. What was your first car? Describe the make, model and color, but also any memories you have of the vehicle. You can also expand on this topic and describe the car(s) your parents drove and any childhood memories attached to it.

Comments are welcome!!

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