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Friday, January 7, 2011

New Years Events at the Sunny Slope Farm - Genea Bloggers 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy and History

Genea Bloggers 2011 has come up with
52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History - Week one - New Years and New Years Day.
sponsered by Amy Coffin and Thomas MacEntee at Facebook.

I 'm relying on Sissy to fill us in about the Meyer's New Years at Sunnyslope farm, since no one else has volunteered information, it is just her.[Smile]

Sissy writes:
I can barely remember what the Meyers family did special for New Years. Maybe that is because there was nothing the same or Traditional from year to year. Sometimes when the folks and the neighbors were younger there were parties at the neighbors which they attended and us kids would stay home with Grandpa Herman. [He watched us and later on we watched him.]
If it was to be a party at the Ben Johnson home up the hill west of us, we often went along. We probably didn't stay until midnight. But it was one night no strict bedtime like there would be for a school night. Grandpa was friends with Ben, so he would have been there too. There were the Johnson grandchildren to play with and we looked forward to seeing them again. One group came from the Iron Mining range in Northern Minnesota, the other in the name of Parma came from Winona Minnesota.

I am sure special things such as food that was done for Grandpa, but I can't recall them. maybe oyster soup or Pickled Sardines. I am sure mom did what she could to draw him out. Their might have been a big deal about making homemade Ice cream or something else special that was a sweet. She loved to make Banana and Chocolate Chip flavors. Cake would come later in the week or she might have, but sometimes it could be a Crisp, peach or apple, or some kind of dessert back in those days that we often had. She always had her cookies for the grand children or company.

We had individual Interests.
I usually was baby sitting for a few people in the neighborhood, once I was old enough to do so.
- Later as each of us had our families, we spent that time with Friends and slept New years day or spent time with our own families.

Visitors and guests
Some times mom and dad had Scot Becker and his brother or just one of them for a weekend, it could have fallen on New years. They also had Laura Lynn Day too. Those are other stories for other days. I am not sure, if she had her grandchildren of Steve's specifically for the new years eve, but it is possible they did.
There were so many visitors over the years.

- Years later some of Sonnies friends were there. Drinking was not a huge show.
- Besides the drinking and partying with friends was supervised. Mom always kept close watch over Dad.

New Years Day
I know his son Lyle and his family were always in California for the Rose Bowl football event. I think he and his son my dad, Dwight liked to watch the game and parades on Television once we had television. Before that if it was on the radio I am sure Dad was listening. If there was a good book to be read, I'd have snuck off to read it. Otherwise, I would watch the Parade. More than likely there was minimum chores, but my mother could find them and get us to do them, if she could. Of course animals on a farm have to be fed and taken care of, and this was done.

Many times there was craft items that we had been started on because of a Christmas gift and we all would probably be doing them since mom was so handy for questions. Mom in her rocking chair and the rest of us with our project each there too.I suppose their would be conversations of no importance.

Maybe too, If mom had an inkling she might sample her four Roses that has been mentioned as a traditional gift.

Then too, Steve's birthday was a about four days afterwards, and I suppose we just knew there would be some kind of party for him. It might have happened on a weekend even though it might have been New Years. It all depended on when School resumed. Every year mom would do a tree late before Christmas, so that it could be still up for his birthday.

Years later some of Sonnies friends were there. Drinking was not a huge show.

Many years later I and a friend went out Bar hopping and dancing on New Years Eve for the first. I had such a good - memorable time.

Mom was a big one to do up the house for holidays. I may have mentioned it before that she had kitchenette curtains for nearly all of them. but I don't recall any for New Years. I suppose it would be hard to find something for it. It could be that if she had her green or Deer up, it sufficed for her, and she didn't have to go to the work of Ironing them and changing them. The same for her other places that she changed for the Holidays.

That's all I can remember now. I am sure there were events that happened on New Years. If we whined or acted like we were being deprived of something about a holiday, whether it was Thanksgiving, Easter or Christmas; mom would exclaim
"I could care less".
And then usually "It's just another day around here."
But still, she would turn out what ever she could manage.

Was there new Years resolutions? Maybe, but not talked about.


Thanks Sissy.
One tradition - In with the new broom and out with the old broom.

I can't help but wonder, what it was like there in the early years at Sunnyslope in the old house with the wing additions with all the Seils, Jaeschkes, Meyers and their friends back in the day of the young gentleman farmer, Herman with his wife Annie and August William Seil And his Anna. I am sure never a dull moment. Moments we won't really know. But now thanks to you, we know the later years events.

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