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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Irma" s blue dishes.

Something from some Past Postings on Irma Martin Olson
Maybe you can see the blue cup and a blue plate there on the right side of the picture. Sissy got that a Lethea's / Irmas estate sale at Madelia. Irma had those when she stayed with her at the house in Madelia. She was told those dishes were collected each time Irma ate oat meal. Each box contained a dish.

I personally am in love with that blue color. Though the pink, and green are equally as nice. I saw for the first time this last year the yellow ones. Irma did not possess any yellow ones. The reason is a mystery.

Sissy said if she would have had the money she would have liked to get some dishes [ three or so] with Violets all over them. But she didn't, so she passed it up, and eyes sets like it every since then. Her mom was there encouraging her to get a few things. Sissy also got a scrapbook that had a page that refered to Oregon. Her mom and dad got a box of photos of Irmas.

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  1. I don't think I remember dishes coming in oatmeal boxes, but I do remember them coming in laundry soap. Stainless steel ware also.