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Friday, January 7, 2011

Minnesota Winter Storms and the Human Spirit

Genea blogger came up with a Personal way to blog about your Thoughts, Ideas, feelings towards Winter. [--Week 2: Winter. What was winter like where and when you grew up? Describe not only the climate, but how the season influenced your activities, food choices, etc.I found it at Amy Coffin of the We Tree blog ( presents this for the week two.] from
52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History - Winter Thomas MacEntee. I thought it would be nice to follow at the with the help of Sissy.

Sissy describes the mood the Winter snow storm brings out from a community, which may in fact be the simple Human comman ground spark the ancestors had in comman for survival, maybe it's always there going back to cave man days.

Sissy writes:
For Winter thoughts, I think I am going to have to get past first in this letter my usual doom, gloom thinking, especially about Winter. I've never been a Fall person nor a Winter person. Where as some people I grew up with couldn't wait for snowmobiling season, ice skating, skiing and all their winter fun. Maybe they are the kind of people who make lemonade from Lemons.
I, as an elderly woman have let it run my life. I hibernate during the winter. When the spring comes forth with all its sunshine and freedom of movement no one is happier and more full of smiles for that reason than I. Although, what other good reason is there to snuggle down with Candles flickering and piles of books to read, and movies galore to watch,. It is time for me to be reading, dreaming and making Plans for spring.
Now I have gotten that gloom out of the way.

One thing I think that stands out to me about winter, whether it is the home of the Vikings or the Packers, where I live now, its the warm human interchanging sparks that fly during and after a good big winter snow storm. I think it is that enthusiasm for Winter storm survival that I love best about winter, if I have to admit any kind of love for it.

As young sprat fresh to the ways of the world I worked my first real Public job as a waitress at a family restaurant in a very small downtown community south of Lewisville. The first lesson I had to learn is that no matter how high the snow falls, no matter how many sidewalks are full, roads closed, it is not like a day off from school. You climb or tunnel the drifts up the hill and get to work irregardless of how much snow there is. [ I did say that I was wet behind my green ears.]

When I got to my work destination, I'd see the wet carpet and the smell of fresh [snow, does it smell?] in the room. I would be greeted by the buzz sound of men, hearty enthusiastic men sparked by the event of a big snow storm. I don't believe enthusiastic is the right word here, but for now it works. I am trying to describe that spark in the room of maybe twenty men on common ground for a change. Men who had already had previously purchased necessary bread and milk for the family, freed their vehicle, shoveled their sidewalks, or even walked downtown. In spite of all that dressed in bundles of winter attire, they still had the time to enter into the restaurant doors, shedding some of their attire, settled to mingle, drink coffee eat a hearty breakfast. For some others the dice was thrown more enthusiastically as they told their stories with each other on the most common ground of conversation that maybe does not usually exist. As each customer came in with their red faces and a cool draft would want to share their story, I so busy, had not the time to listen to each one nor could I share my own stories or questions.

Snow, winter, storms, blizzards. I haven't seen anything else that can bring the community of people together in a room, other than a severe tornado or summer storm. And those summer storms were not the same. But, I speak only from my limited Experience.

As a older adult at employment, it seems to lift the conversation droll, into the same buzz tone after a winter storm in packer land too. I perk up and have more spirit during those times. It's just there in the season of Winter, and hard for me to explain.


It's hard for me to find the words too, Sissy. Maybe someone else can??.

Enjoy your Seventy some Winter days left of snow and Ice.
jo me a rootdigger.

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