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Sunday, January 30, 2011

How did you Satisfy Your sweet tooth - What was your Favorite Indulgence

Sissy Writes for Genea Bloggers Personal and Family History Week #5 – Favorite Food

What was your favorite food from childhood? If it was homemade, who made it? What was in this dish, and why was it your favorite? What is your favorite dish now?

Our family had desserts that had to satisfy our sweet tooth.
Farmers wives had to make use of what they had that was plentyful, when they planned meals or desserts. Like, Milk, and Cream, and eggs, and of course items from the garden, and an orchard. I am going to pass over cookies, and cake, which were easily made from those items, because we always had them at some point to make occasions special.

Fruit and what ever mom used was regional. By that I mean it was cheaper to use what we had or was given than to go to the store and buy frozen or something in a can. Mom probably loved blue berries and Boisen berries, but we lived in southern Minnesota and I never ever saw one single blue berry bush. Though dad liked to buy watermelon and cantelope when the price was good. Attempts were made to grow it too.

We usually ate what mom craved. Mom sometimes had cravings for certain old fashioned desserts, which were served on a daily basis. Like custard, bread pudding or sour cream pudding with raisins. Dad liked to request tapioca or rice pudding and something with rhubarb. So after she had announced it and she would get busy and make it.

Ice Cream
Once in awhile she made ice cream. Mostly though, our Ice cream was purchased at the grocery store.

I think the choice for Ice Cream was because of it's favoritism by Dad and his associations of it to his family, while growing up. He, Lyle and Herman also had various house keepers, so they were bound to pick up food influences from them.

When it was time for the Ice cream, mom sould say "Dwight go down and get the Ice Cream."

Ice cream was the old favorite everyone liked in our house, even served plain. But if Ice Cream didn't have to be plain, why should it be. You should have something with it, under it, or on it. I would say our family favorite choice was strawberries. Usually the choice was something with fruit, which was was a little more healthy for you than say a brownie.

We wouldn't think of throwing apples raw or canned or rhubarb on ice cream, so they were made into Fruit Crisps.

Fruit Crisps
There were a lot of choices. Because of availability, you could say that Moms fruit crisps were a favorite thing to have with a scoop of ice cream. Our crisps were made with what ever was handy and cheap. So we ended up with a slightly tart crisp sweeted by the crisp topping and mellowed by cream or Ice cream on top of all that.

Mom didn't make pie, and if you think about it, pie crust usually wasn't eaten anyway. She thought it was not worth the effort. Pies usually called for sweet fruit, and sweet fruit would be more expensive. The same way with something like Pinneapple upside down cake. It was sweet and rather blah.

When they went to a cafe they did like to order a pie with a little ice cream on top. I am trying to think of that Cafe in Lewiville? I am sure there was one.


When I started baking and cooking, I followed the recipes pretty closely, then I graduated to embellishing, which according to my husband and some of his family members, is not always a good thing. I started making a topping like dutch apple pie, whether it was suppose to be a pie or crisps it was all the same. I liked using oatmeal and brown sugar in my toppings. In fact I would put a thin layer on the bottom too, and so like mom skip a pie crust.

My all time favorite sweet indulgence is Chocolate and fudge. Which came in mid life, since we didn't have it much at my parents home. But do remember Steve and Sonny both usually received a box of candy bars for Christmas from Aunt Amanda. One year I announced, it would be fantastic to get such a gift too. and I did receive it.

I don't remember seeing my parents eating much chocolate, except when we were given Herseys chocolate sauce topping for the ice cream and dad would add peanuts on top. Once in a great while Mom would get a box of chocolates as a gift and she would take her time eating them. When Steve and I baby sat at the Reeds, it was a treat to have the brownies Norma kept on hand all the time. It's all their fault that I grew to love eating chocolate and brownies. But I don't remember my mother making much of them.

So that was us and me. What about you?

What was your favorite food from childhood? If it was homemade, who made it? What was in this dish, and why was it your favorite? What is your favorite dish now?