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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Those who can talk the talk- Family stories

Sissy writes about speech, conversationalists, good 'talkers'

In high school, I signed up for oral story telling.
You told a story that had already been written, Usually there were short stories collected just for that distribution or find your own and adapted but needed to be a certain length. You could even order a few for the event. I didn't do too well at it for many reasons, but I credit that to the fact that I just didn't find the right good story. [ See I believe if you dream it, it will come]

We' ve all had speech class more than likely and writing in our English classes. But blogging it out may be different.

Preachers, and clergy men, woman
If you can't write or tell a story, or get along with people, you'd better not be in the church situation.
Women like Joyce Meyer can talk to an audience. It helps to that little comment you expect every now and then. what is it? oh amen, right?. Her pacing is donein a way, I don't mind it. Others, well it's distracting. Now I never have looked at her book, I doubt I would have the same interest.

Some of my favorite speakers ['talkers']
Over my life time, I had my favorite older men who seemed to have a good knack for conversation and mini story telling. I know they probably could talk / sell a freezer to the Eskimos. My first experience I can remember was a excursion to the Ben Johnson home so Grandpa could exchange stories with him. They both grew up in Germany, one high German and grandpa low German. I would curl up somewhere and idly play with something, and listen. Now I bareley remember the stories, but I remember most how it was told. Enthusiastic at times, loud and excited variation in tones, gestures, and usually the best stories had a lot of cussing in it. There was not the common word one hears now, if you know which one I mean, but old gentleman cussing. It was just part of my fascination with his stories.

I think that shaped my admiration for old men and their story telling. It was a part of my acceptance and, dare I say, my enjoyment of my job, as I waitressed the early morning shift around all those older men . I just enjoyed the personalty of those older men including their stories or stories told by others about them.

I am not saying I would copy that as an ideal family story telling method; cause well, I haven't the good cussing skills ol' Ben had. [Sure we kids made the mistake of discussing it once in front of mother and she tried to get us out of the room now and then. But if she was enjoying herself in the kitchen, then our placements were luckily forgotten.]

Okay, to be fair
I always enjoyed the young group of boys conversations . But these days it's just not done with out all the swear words [ not really nice cussing]. Equal time to women. Okay, I hope I am off the hook with the girls. One person who immediately came to mind was my moms Aunt Threasa [ Mc Mullin] An elderly catholic woman with Cataracs who loved to read and talk politics. She could talk the talk, but she needed a person, who could throw it back to her, I was too young then and not of her caliber. And then there was the time spent with 'the girls'. One just has to have those conversations.

I am right on with Sissy!
Blog, videos and speakers
Stage presence, or a good speaker [talker], Conversationalists.
This last week, I noticed that some blogs carry a 'listen to this' feature to listen to the content of the blog.
I also have seen a few videos being carried on blogs. I have to say, that if it sounds like your reading it in that certain voice, and I probably would.then that's not for me. Some people have stage presence, good speaking voices for good speech delivrance, and others don't. [That's why I am sticking to just writing the blog]

In another bloggers video, I was looking at her decor, loved it and didn't hear what she was saying. And with still another, I don't remember a thing she said, because I was appalled that she would tape with an unmade bed behind her, then I nearly jumped, when I saw a head move!

The video's is one good idea, and I am sure there are more Hints and Ideas to learn for good story telling.

I am trying to find 'How to' information.
I have been looking around the Internet for "How to tell a story." So far I have found a few. If you know of a good sites that tell you [ no money involved] the ins and outs of story telling. would you deposit them here?

Also too, I have been looking around for some webplaces of collected family stories that I enjoy reading. Maybe I can judge to see if they use the five senses and the five fundamentals- sound attitude, gesture, listening, attitude ] The beginning middle and end. written and oral. 'll see why I think they are good.

How are you doing?
If you have been one to tell family stories, then how are you doing?

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